Portrait of Thomas Riley

About Me

Hello, welcome to my website. I’m Tom Riley, an Electrical Engineering Student at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, ON. I’m originally from a small town on Georgian Bay but now live in Waterloo. Electronics is my “professional hobby,” but I have many other hobbies including (but certainly not limited to) softball, digital media, linguistics, philosophy, and others. I love taking things apart and finding out how they work, so I have built up quite the collection of electronics junk. At the time of writing my aspiration is to be an analog/mixed signal designer, but I change my mind about such things frequently.

If you would like to contact me I can be reached at ‘mail [at] thomasriley [dot] ca’

About the Site

This is my personal website. This site was created using Jekyll, a static site generator that takes markdown files and Liquid Templates in order to generate static sites. The main CSS layout and HTML skeleton are based on a template created by James Williamson for his Lynda.com Jekyll tutorial. These layouts were adjusted by me for my site. The full source code for the site can be found on my github page.